Should I use a conveyancer or a solicitor?

Conveyancer or solicitor

Marie Van Coller offers a distinct and niche range of conveyance services. One of our core offerings is our Property Law portfolio with extensive experience in areas such as Land Acquisition & Disposal Transactions, Due Diligence Search on Property, Registration of Servitudes, Subdivisions & Consolidation of Property, Opening of Sectional Title Registers as well as Commercial & Residential Conveyancing.

This article will focus on whether you should consider using a conveyance or a solicitor to assist you in conducting your legal requirements. To begin with, it would be important to define and distinguish between the two professions and identify some comparisons and similarities alike.

A conveyancer would be the responsible and accountable individual that is well-experienced and aligned with regulatory compliance to facilitate the process of making someone the new legal owner of land, buildings or property that is used for business purposes. Commercial conveyancing is predominantly conducted by a solicitor or licensed conveyance.

A solicitor is a qualified legal practitioner that is responsible for preparing legal documentation and representing or defending a client’s legal interests. Some solicitors are primarily responsible for litigation where resolving disputes between two or more parties are required.

Another category of Non-contentious legal work can also be referred to as “non-litigious work”, which is aimed to deal with a client’s personal or business needs from a legal perspective. This example includes buying and selling commercial and residential property, acquisitions of companies mergers and advising on the design and build for construction projects alike.

In conclusion, it would depend on the particular scenario and requirements of the organisation or individual to make the decision of using a conveyance or a solicitor.

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